Remodeling services


Remodeling of Bathroom and Kitchen through innovate thoughts. You need to change the way your house looks, permit us to transform your home with new thoughts and teamwork.

We are here for your peace of mind!

The remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens is one of the most important investments that individuals must make in their lives. As a result, such a risky investment must be backed by a solid design plan because no matter how good your budget is, if the design plan is poor, your money will be wasted. J Louis Painting LLC takes away the stress and conjecture Remodeling process, creating customized designs for each project that allow you to see your home transformed even before the work begins! 

J Louis Painting LLC offers custom cabinets of the highest quality, designed according to your needs and exact specifications. We have designed, manufactured and installed custom cabinets for Residential customers throughout the Maryland area for many years.


The cabinet is one of the best ways to use the maximum value and space of your home. But just as there are not two equal houses, neither should two cabinets be the same. Since our inception, J Louis Painting LLC has believed in customizing our cabinets to provide the greatest storage and benefits for our customers.


Yes, all the work is guaranteed by J LOUIS PAINTING LLC. However, there may be factors that are out of our control, which can affect our work.